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Merk: Aviation Traders
Model: GNS 430W
Type: Other
Bouwjaar: 0000
Toegevoegd op: 2016-04-19 15:47:00
Bekeken: 6199
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An all-in-one solution with a WAAS-certified GPS, the Garmin GNS 430W is a 2,280-channel capacity avionics GPS receiver that provides easy operation and color map graphics. This Garmin receiver works in the frequency range of 108 MHz to 117.95 MHz with a flag sensitivity of -103.5 dB. The advanced 15-channel receiver on Garmin GNS 430W is capable of five position updates every second. In addition, the 4-inch screen size of this Garmin receiver provides a high-contrast display with well-defined colors that make it easy to read and interpret pilot-critical information. Moreover, the effective use of colors makes it possible to see the aircraft’s position relative to ground features, chart data, and more. In addition, this Garmin receiver also provides a detailed base map that clearly identifies airports, cities, highways, railroads, river, and even coastlines. Furthermore, this avionics GPS receiver delivers wide viewing angles and is easily readable even in direct sunlight. Overall, this Garmin receiver measures 6.3 inches wide by 2.7 inches tall by 11 inches deep, with a weight of 6.6 lbs.


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